SCC Firsts 4 - 1 Rangers


// Don’t try and tackle anyone and certainly don’t speak to him //

Last week I got my knuckles rapped for calling the Scottish a bunch of Haggis Muchers, the same could be said for this Rangers team. Holding a very Scottish team name, and in actual fact one of the main reasons for many a season they couldn’t attract a strong squad, as people used to associate them with the not so famous Glasgow Rangers. However a re-branding approach over the last two years and they have stated to attract players of real quality. SCC knew how difficult this game was going to be.

The game started very slowly for both teams, poor in possession and not enough intensity with their passing. Liam was booked in the opening 5 minutes for a very soft foul and this was going to be a current theme throughout the remainder of the game, as the referee was throwing cards around like they were $5 notes in a strip bar.

SCC went 1-0 up when Dom’s desire and persistence got him to the ball before the Rangers defender and the onrushing Rowan in goals to slot the ball in the back of the net.
The major incident in the first half, and one that had a massive influence on the final score line was when the Rangers captain receiving his marching orders after 20mins. Losing possession of the ball he kicked out at Mike from behind in frustration. A malicious challenge certainly not, but extremely foolish considering the importance of the game and the red card was shown. From that moment it was so obvious that the referee was waiting for his opportunity to send someone else off, making the game from a neutrals point of view slightly dull, as the SCC team didn’t want to tackle anymore as they would be receiving an early shower if it was mistimed. SCC were 2-0 up soon after when Anthony burst into the box only to be brought down by Rowan in goals. Anthony dusted himself down and placed the penalty into the bottom for SCC to go into the first time break 2-0 up.

The second half started and Rangers with 10 men were finding it hard to support Sharples up front on his own. SCC possession wasn’t as good as in previous weeks but they were looking dangerous with late runners from midfield causing the Rangers defence numerous problems. SCC were then 3-0 up with Liam ran from deep to slot the ball into the back of the net. Liam again made it 4-0 soon after with a clinical finish. With 15 minutes to go the referee got his just rewards when Bowden was sent off for SCC. After getting in a tangle with a Rangers player, he flicked his big toe in his direction. If the first red was foolish, this red was on the verge of stupidity as the referee was looking to even the game up from the 21minute. Rangers got a consolation goal near the end to make the final score line 4-1 to the SCC.

Big talk of the referees performance and rightly so as he was shaky throughout. Both players I am sure are blaming everyone else but themselves for the red card. Both players have let their teams down for a foolish act and should be blaming themselves and not anyone else for the red card. Bowden with be heavily fined for his immature actions, who was having a very good game up to this point.

MOM for SCC – Tim, not often around this year due to other commitments but when he is, his desire to do well helps motivate the rest.

MOM for Rangers – Difficult to pick one considering the difficult circumstances, but it goes to Sharples up front. A difficult with limited support but kept on working and looked a threat at times.

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