SCC Firsts 3 (5) - (4) 3 Olympique Gaulois (Cup quarters)


// One for the Neutrals \\

Cup quarter final and Daisy’s short term managerial debut. 4pm and Daisy began his pre-game routine, greeting the players, looking nervous and sweating profusely. he had apparently just been playing football but few believed him.

“We haven’t lost the cup since 1920 something…” were the first words of motivation. Little did we know that’s exactly what we would be needing 2 hours later! SCC lined up with a few changes from the previous week with players benched for their tardiness.
The game started and it was immediately clear that this would be a close game. After the first 20 minutes’ nerves settled and SCC began to play with some rhythm and fluidity. Irritatingly OG did the same and were extremely competitive all over the park. There was little to separate the two sides until a foul in the box lead to an SCC penalty which was dispatched by Antho.

I feel it is Important to give a specially mention to Colin G who had an excellent first half and helped create a lot of SCC’s chances. Enrique too for his skill and ability to take on players.

First half ended 1-0.

The second half was much the same as the first with both teams creating opportunities. OG’s defensive line played extremely well and were able to cut out a lot of the SCC’s attacking plays. The OG defence Isolating Duric up top meaning SCC were unable to unleash the attacking force which had been so clinical throughout the season.

Sam won a penalty after a clumsy challenge in the box and OG made no mistake in leveling the score. Game on. Both teams saw chances saved with great performances from both keepers and it was looking more and more likely that this game would go to extra time.

1-1 final score and on to extra time.

Shortly into the second half a great ball from the left found the OG striker who turned well and slotted the ball into the net to allow OG to take the lead. This was short lived with hutch’s header right on the line. Real commitment from the right back and for his efforts, picked up another scar on and T*% of the day. Terry Butcher would have played on #justsaying.

With Daisy making all subs SCC were left to play the remainder of the game with 10 men. Which was never going to be easy and made less so with a penalty given against a hand ball in the box. Again, no mistake from OG who leveled the score. Both teams threatened in the dying minutes but were unable to take the lead.

SCC came out on top in the penalty shootout.

Daisy 1 for 1 – the dream continues…

MOM – Chris Meyer for an all round excellent performance and controlling of the SCC back line.

An excellent game of football. We look forward to the league re-replay.

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