Saturday was perfect football weather as the German All Stars and SCC kicked off at Dempsey. The first 30 minutes were frenetic as both teams tried to put their stamp on the match. Most chances fell to SCC through Kike, a mazy run lacking a right foot finish early on and a sublime set piece that struck the under side of the crossbar, until Jack broke the scoreline through a left footed bomb from outside the area. Just before halftime Tim Walters picked out Kike with a precision pass over the top only for Kike who put his outrageous skill on display with a quick touch to control and immediate chip over the on rushing keeper. Though it may read different the first half of the match was not as exciting as the literary masterpiece of this match report and ended 2-0 to SCC.

The second half kicked off with much of the same frenetic play with only the occasional SCC opportunity on goal. The dynamic of the match changed when interim of the interim gaffer Owen Monaghan introduced the age defying pace and athleticism of newly 37 year-old Matt Hulen. Like a moment of calm during a fierce battle, or a moment of clarity during a political shouting match, SCC changed their tempo and style of play. It is hard to recall what caused this change, but one can only point to the poise a savvy veteran making his way onto the pitch. SCC started to probe the Germans with intricate passing sequences that left Owen in tears of shear joy on the touchline. Not long after entering the pitch Hulen leaped well above the GAS defence and connected powerfully to a perfectly delivered corner from Ross. Needless to say the GAS keeper and defender on the post could only watch as the ball (with a visible jet stream in tow) struck the back of the net. A few more changes were made to ensure SCC controlled the remainder of the match with Owen opting again for pace and youth subbing both himself and Dominick Lane into the midfield. The match ended 3-0 to SCC.

Credit to the German All Stars for their tireless work rate and stellar goalkeeping which kept the scoreline close.

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