// Not a game to live in the memories //

SCC found themselves kicking off at an unfamiliar venue and an unfamiliar time….3pm at Turf City. After strong performances the previous week against OG and Home United (S-League) the strongly assembled squad was looking forward to an exciting and competitive game against the German All Stars. Needless to say this was the type of game that would always been shown last on the MOTD highlights. The first 15mins was an evenly competitive game but was lacking any real quality. SCC seemed to forget how to pass, control, talk, track runners and shot….not a good combination. The first instant of real quality from SCC started from Jahan at left back and after some sharpe and accurate passing was well finished off by Liam. Either side of the goal saw what could have been a turning point in the game….a unusual Red card for Tim. With his words about “staying on your feet” before the game still ringing in the players ears we watched as he not only once, but twice decided that sliding was the way forward. Both tackles mistimed, rather than dirty but two yellow cards and he was making his way to the bench. Sadly for Tim the bench on this day also consisted of the whole family over to watch is 25mins. Before the half ended there was another smart finish from Liam to give SCC a 2-0 halftime lead. Stand in manager (a norm these days), Matt Hulen made some big calls at halftime to keep it tight with the man less but aside from a few half chances there was no real danger for Ronnie in the SCC goal.

MOM for SCC was Liam but a day the majority of the SCC players will wish to forget. Thank you to the German All Stars for the game and wishing you the best for the season ahead and good to see some new young signings coming through. Despite the red card a game generally played in good spirits by both teams.

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