At 4pm, Dempsey was replicating a scene from Genesis chapters 6-9. Biblically that is, rather than a Phil Collins and crew back catalogue. Although, there was a striking resemblance to good ol’ Phil at the centre of an adjusted SCC back four. Otherwise, a similarly daunting array of quality throughout the starting XI and bench.

As the heavens continued to rain down with fury, white water rafting looked more on the cards rather than the beautiful game. Latini, unfazed by the conditions, appeared ready to relish the opportunity. Utilizing their industrial yet effective brand of football to their advantage, anticipating the pitch as the leveler to compete.

Credit must go to the Dempsey pitch. Despite a slightly delayed kick off, it drained phenomenally well and it was game on!

A scrap was always going to be on the cards however, against a combative Latini side. With both teams adjusting to the tricky conditions, the game started evenly. A bit of sparring early on, quite literally for some of the Latini side who appeared to show more interest in making a mark on SCC, rather than the game.

As the game continued, Kike Jr, netted the first, then second, linking well down the right hand side. Midfield and forward line of SCC were dominant but plenty of chances were squandered with little, to no real threat for the SCC backline. HT 2-0.

The second half continued in such fashion with SCC creating more chances and other than a lovely lob which hit the bar, there was always only going to be one winner. Latini, growing increasing frustrated, resorted to some crude tackles to say the least, fortunately nobody was hurt seriously. Latini, down to 10 men, Kike Señor won and converted from the spot and 3-0 SCC.

In the end, Latini needed a little more than help from above to take the 3 points but will be up there at the end of the season, no doubt.

MOM Latini – Duplo
MOM SCC – Kike jr

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